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downloadAs it is with any sport, so it is with baseball. Like everywhere, we have great athletes here that are being more popular than the others, and of course, their jerseys are being more popular than the jerseys of other players. But, have you ever really wondered which of the baseball jerseys are the most popular ones? Well, if you have, and you never quite managed to figure it out, we will provide you with the answer. Some of these jerseys can’t just be bought in your regular uniform store, so keep on eye on the places where you can get a hold of them; some of them might become truly valuable one day.

Clayton Kershaw is the Dodgers player that has just signed a 7-year deal with this team, and is only the player whose jersey occupies the fifth place on the list of the most popular baseball jerseys. The reason why his jersey is so popular is because this player has won three Cy Young awards, and has recently signed a 7-year deal for amazing 215 million US Dollars.

The fourth place on the list of the most popular baseball jerseys is occupied by the jersey of Yadier Molina, a catcher for the St. Louis Cards. He led his team to the 2013 World Series, and is the only Cardinal on this list of the most popular baseball jerseys.

The third most popular jersey belonged to one of the most famous players in the history of baseball – Derek Jeter. This New York Yankees player’s jersey became one of the most popular ones when it was discovered that he will withdraw from active participation in baseball.

The second most popular jersey is the one of Dustin Pedroia. He is a Boston second baseman that has led the Red Sox to the ultimate victory of 2013. He was a 4-time All-Star player, and that is one of the main reasons why people love this guy, and of course, why his jersey is so popular.

imagesAnd finally, the best selling baseball jersey of them all has to be the jersey of David Ortiz. This guy was the MVP of the World Series that performed for the Boston Red Sox. Also, he was a triple World Series Champ, and that is exactly why his jersey has been the most popular one, ever since the 13th series got closed.

And there you go, those are the most popular baseball jerseys that you can get your hands on. These players are the most popular ones and are the best ones out there, so it is no wonder why it is exactly their jerseys that have found their place on this list. Whenever you walk around the town, you’ll be more than likely to see at least one person wearing some of these jerseys, and what’s even better, you’ll be seeing a lot of kids wearing these popular jerseys. This means that the kids know how to find good role models; the players that are fair, honest, and just plain good.