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Choosing Bridal Lingerie


how-to-choose-bridal-lingerie11Even though the wedding dress is white, which illustrates its purity and innocence, you can choose to be a bit oxymoronic and wear some sexy bridal lingerie underneath it. However, even if you wish to spice things up on your wedding night, you might not be able to due to the fact that some wedding dresses are a bit bulky and uncomfortable, and therefore not designed for any sort of sexy lingerie underneath it. However, do not worry, because we are going to show you exactly what kind of lingerie you ought to wear on your happiest day.

The first thing you need to know is the fact that there are many different types of sexy bridal lingerie, and that you can find one that is specifically made to be worn by a bride. You can pretty much find any kind of sexy lingerie in its bridal version, no matter if you’re getting it in a store, or if you’re ordering your bridal lingerie online. You need to know that it needs to be rather strong, in order to support a heavy wedding dress, and for such an occasion, bridal bustier is the thing you need. It will support the dress and define your body. Wear some quality stockings with it as well as a garter belt, and you’ll look sexier than ever for your wedding night. You can also choose a bridal thong, or if you’re not into that, some sexy panties. You can even wear the black lingerie, and knowing that you’re wearing something sexy and black under your innocent white dress will just make you sexier, both to you and your man.

Many daring brides choose a bridal corset; it is great because it shapes the body, enriches your curves, brings out your bust, while thinning you at the waist. However, these things tend to be a bit uncomfortable; so, you might keep it somewhere tucked up, so you could slip into it on your honeymoon.

imagesNow, this all may look nice on paper, but keep in mind that you need to try these things out with your wedding dress before you decide to wear it. Try different things out, and figure out which one makes you look the best, which one makes you feel the best, and which one you believe your future husband would love the best.

Bridal lingerie is a great way to start off your honeymoon, and your marriage in general. It will lead to some steamy, spicy love making, which would be a great intro to your future life. The wedding dress would lead to elegance, while the sexy lingerie underneath it would lead to erotic appeal, and together they form a great mix. However, just make sure you follow everything you read here, and get some lingerie that was specifically designed for complicated dresses, such as your wedding gown. Or, you can always excuse yourself while on your honeymoon, and slip into some sexy bridal lingerie you’ve gotten tucked away. Whatever you do, your man won’t be able to get enough of you.