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Folding Road Bike


b3bFor a common commuter a small backpack is nothing, when containing a folded bike it is pure heaven. It makes your every day trip bearable and gets you from point A to point B much faster. The Change urban utility folding bike is designed to make your life as a commuter much easier. The bike is yours to take with you while shopping, and it even folds to a size you can store under your desk at work, also storing it at home, possibly in a closet, instead of much less safer place as a garage or a shed.

  These bikes have the roll, carry and stand option, and the triangular shape that is being used for generations. When folded and in its package it looks like any other small luggage, which is an advantage for a everyday mixed commuter, for whom it is relevant to fold and unfold its bike when needed, and in a hurry. No tools are needed for folding bikes, so the process is quick and efficient. The customized kickstand allows the bike to roll, carry and stand wherever you take public transportation, elevator or any other travel engagement.

  Change road bikes are especially made for long distance travelers, because of its ability to fold to minimum size, and be put in any luggage compartment. So between bus and a metro trip, your bike is safely store and waiting to be unfolded in the matter of seconds, so it can transport you to your desired destination, where you can fold it again and continue your trip, or upon arriving home safely store it at your quickest disposal.

 Change702B-去背-600x426 Some of its prominent advantages are that they are lightweight, which makes them less complicated to handle in commute, or carry around subway and over large number of stairs. Since nowadays in large cities everywhere, being able to move around is hard, hence the crowd and traffic. With this lightweight foldable bike, your movement is much faster so the people who spend more time commuting could definitely relate to having one of these bikes. Even when you have no option but to travel by car at some point, your folded bike can get fit into your car trunk, as opposed to be put on the rooftop as most bikes do.

  A folding bike is more convenient than any other bike.  That also means you will use it more and find even more opportunities to replace that old sturdy bike you already own but never use. Even leisure cyclists can benefit too.

  The folding road bike frame has the same triangular shape that’s been used everywhere, and for inexperienced eye it can pass as a standard bicycle, until it folds or unfolds.  The point is if you are willing to change the way of your everyday mixed commute trips on and off work, Change Road folding bike is the solution for all of your issues. Its practical size and folding easiness will suit everyone.