How To Become A Web Cam Model

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How To Become A Web Cam Model


Here are a few useful tips on how to make money as a webcam model, regardless of you level of expertise.

Step 1 – Do some research on the company that you are considering of applying. Most of the companies take a percentage of the money you earn, but they also provide promotions, support, training and the similar. Some might also provide equipment (cameras, props), and studio to work from, so find a company that can give you what you need. There are a number of web cam jobs available online, so visit the leading provider Cam Show Jobs who can help with this.

Find out how much you’ll get paid. Some companies pay just 20%, but the standard us 25-35%. The rest goes to paying fees for marketing and credit cards.

Find out how and when you’ll get paid. Some companies pay weekly, or once every two weeks, and some even pay daily. Usually they send check, or with Paypal and similar platforms.

Ask for advice and tips, to make sure you are doing everything right. A respected company will provide all the info you need for any situation.

Step 2 – Create an account and put a username that is easily remembered. This increases the chances of getting more new visitors, and regulars.

While deciding upon a username, make sure the one you choose is also free on Twitter and any other social networking site you might want to promote yourself on. Having the same username will make it easier for you to promote yourself and bring new members to the webcam site you are on.

Create a profile, and upload photos of you that are HD, and that are eye catching. The more photos you upload the more visitors you get. Make sure the profile pic is attention grabbing, since it will be the first one they see. Next, fill in the necessary information about your interests and wishes for your chatrooms.

Do a Pre-Show set up. Use HD camera, since it will attract more traffic. Be mindful that you are easily visible, and not hidden in the dark or a shadow. Put your props nearby so you can reach them easily, wear clothes that are seductive, and be ready with additional outfits.

Step 3 – Start playing, show time. Try to relax and remember that looks are not the integral part, but common interests.

Enjoy the job, because that will transfer onto your viewers, leaving them wanting to spend more time with you. Don’t be afraid to use audio. Don’t get into arguments, instead be polite and professional. Tell the customers what they want to hear.

They will like you more if you take the time to learn and remember their names and facts about them that they shared.

Step 4 – Promote Yourself. Make sure your profile is visible. Use other social networks like Facebook and Twitter to branch out and get more visitors.

Step 5 – Establish the ways to get paid. There are usually three basic ways of getting payed: tips from the customers because they like you, tips for something you did in the public chatroom, and private room chats which have a set rate per minute. The last one is the most expensive, so the more requests for private chats you have, the more you’ll earn.