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download (2)Among property investors and business owners one of the most common questions is how to make streams of leads for their businesses. Well, it is important to find out the answer to those questions, because in property business, leads identical deals. You will have the higher probability of closing a deal as you generate the more leads. Knowledgeable property investors maybe won’t need that many leads to get a deal, on average every seventh lead results in a purchase. But, for beginners it could take a bit more practice and time as well, as the research shows that the conversion ratio is approximately 1:50. That means that they need fifty leads to close on one deal. Certainly they will get better with time and also there is a saying: “you make up in numbers – what you do not have in skills”, so the more leads an investor can create, the bigger chances of success he has. Now we will show you the most common sources of leads for property investors:

    1. Estate agents – it is still possible to get deals from estate agents. And you just have to remember though that the competition is enormous, as there are hundreds of investors who are in search of motivated sellers through estate agents. So, with the aim ensuring that they contact you when they have an important lead, you need to make sure, in the first place, that you develop great relationship with them. Then you need to know what questions to ask and how to speak to them, as it will all have an impact on whether they will want to work with you or maybe not. Connect with local contractors (electrician will provide this) to find the best and most reliable property management. If you need byfleet electrician, then contact juvel electrical who will be able to help fix your issues.

  1. Letting agents – there could be some property owners that fight back to let their properties and would be enthusiastic to sell them as an alternative. Letting agent can be your mediator in the process of negotiation and when seeking these types of sellers a very good source of information.
  2. Newspapers – providing that newspapers are considered it is recommended to stay close by. You can search for individual sellers who advertise their properties in local newspaper, and alternatively you can place your own ad that will draw probable seller to you. You need to make sure that you put correct contact information on the ad – name, website address and phone number, so that they can search for more information about you if required. Keep in mind that great ads that attract many leads are frequently written by professional copywriters and follow detailed, tested format, so it is recommended to avail services of a copywriter if your budget allows you.bmv-leads
  3. Websites – as with newspapers – in search for leads you can visit already existing website, but you may as well build your own website and start making your own leads. This could cost you some investment, but in the long run it could be well worth the capital invested. Here you can check out some awesome  Investment leads.
  4. Leaflets – they work, but the main disadvantage is time consuming to distribute them, if you want to do it on your own. Then again if you want to hire someone to do the job for you, it is difficult to track their work. And it is one of those judgments, that as a professional property investor you will have to make.