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Stunt Scooter Interview with Pro Scooter Rider Monky McMoran


Marko: Hey, Hey Ralph, introduce yourself please for our German Rider a little before!
Ralph: Hello Marko, my name is Ralph Robert McMoran, everyone knows me by my nickname “MONKY” I am 17 years old and am at August 18 and living in beautiful California.


Marko: Why you people call MONKY?
Ralph: So long ago meant by my friends that I look like a monkey (monkey) and then said it would be great if he could call me in the future Monky, since then everyone has called me a skatepark in MONKY
Marko: ah now I understand, because I do not remember your first video about 5-6 years ago, when you were a little boy with incredible super thick jumps, long curly hair and it’s name really fits very well!

Marko: When did it started the thee “scootering” interest in the sport or When did you start?
Ralph: I started in the 6th grade, between 2006 to 2007 so around Halloween, ie October – these are now so forth to the 6 years

Marko: How did you start with the scootering?
Ralph: ehm, I started driving with skateboard I have made for a long time. Then one day I had a kick scooter as the of “Razor” because I learned the first tailwhip and. Within one day Since I was also very proud of it. At that time I already had a few friends Scooter the guys were but of course much better than me. So that has inspired me and I have thought to myself “Hey I should do it that way, only much better,” since then I’m going.

Marko: What do you like more, riden in a skatepark or street?
Ralph: mmhh it always depends on, I like it to go to the skate park and to chill out with friends but as you know, I would never turn in the park a video clip or so, I’m just walking down the street because I I love it also Streeten and to film there and there I work even on my tricks.

Marko: What are your next goals for the future?

Ralph: a real work to pursue, I hope I will stay with this Scootering and as long as possible! So I hope for a “real job” at best something that has to do with scootering.

Marko: What do you prefer more, a “normal” job or a job scootering?
Ralph: Definitely Scootering like. Films for scootering or photographer when I’m older but in any case it should always have something to do with scooters.

Monky Backlip My Pro Scooter
Marko: How it looks just in your personal life?
Ralph: So now I have school holidays but it starts again soon. I am currently attending a high school credit * with college. Unfortunately, I’m out of my old high school kicked out because I was in Australia for 2 1/2 weeks in Australia and thought if I would be missing a week, I would fly out of school, but I did it, because to go to Australia was more important to me yeahh …

Marko: hahaha I think I would have done the same if I was still so young, and I think many would not let this opportunity unused.
Ralph: Yes it does now not much trouble because I * go to high school credit and my high school diploma can make at any time, if I have time, and therefore it was no problem with Australia

So you have to put in the ground after a certain time to complete 7 compartments, but that can be divided itself. Of course you can also take a number of subjects in order to graduate from high school – so positive completion with 7 drawers and one has the diploma.

Marko: Which foot position are you going? Goofy or Regular? and what are you doing spins course FS or BS?
Ralph: I ride regular, started with FS but what I wanted to learn 360 tailwhip I had to make it BS and therefore I am good in both versions!

Marko: tailwhip or Heelwhip?
Ralph: I like tailwhip much I love it high raufzupoppen and catchen the tailwhip, that’s the best feeling

Marko: Which brands do you currently drive and who your sponsors before?
Ralph: So at the beginning I had District and Eagle sports as a sponsor but after a while I had problems with that but what I do not want to explain exactly but now I’m going to ETHIC, Hella grip, and TILT.

Marko: Do ​​you think that you would go for another sponsor your current team or to leave?
Ralph: Noooo, currently as it runs under any circumstances, things just as well as a sponsor is to treat me and based on reciprocity.

Marko: So you’re really happy and satisfied with your sponsors?
Ralph: YEEEEAHH these are the best sponsors I’ve ever had, because there is nothing else!

Monky Bunny MyProScooter

Marko: What was your best experience at a contest or a trip?
Ralph: Probably the Australia trip, that was really funny, now I do not know what I was supposed to tell exactly, but it was really nice to meet all the people there and get to know, have spent a lot of time with the FRIENDLY CREW and these people are Real friendly people so as the name suggests. These are the best people in the world.

Marko: Were you alone in Australia or with other people?
Ralph: Yeah, I was there with Ethic So Alexis Letellier, Aka Porcial, Johan Cajas, Aka Jojo, Cyrille Vietti Benzidane, Salim the cameraman and Kevin Demay

Marko: What do you think about ETHIC your sponsor? And tell me a little bit more of it!
Ralph: I think it’s just a wonderful sponsor, everyone in the team is so different from the other, eg JOJO shred the mini ramp and jumps through right fats Gab’s – he is the man with the eggs! Alexis is our park riders and zershreddet the park and I think I’m more of the Street Rider – but all of us drive Park Street and yet each has its particular direction.

Marko: Yeah that’s really a very good team that covers every area of ​​the STREET, PARK and mini ramp, mixed together, you are a “Allround Team”
Ralph: Kevin and Cyrille really understand what we want and that’s SCOOTERING. With RILLA you can also build your own custom scooter online via their website, it’s super cool! They are not like other sponsors, for example, “Hey you need to do this and that, and for that you get this and that” but are just as “Hey want if you do not do it that’s fine and we respect that”

Marko: So you have a choice what do you want to make and want what you do not do without the sponsor requires you what to do.
Ralph: Yep exactly do we speak what we want !!!

Marko: Do ​​you know anything about your next trip with ETHIC?
Ralph: Kevin and Cyrille talk about an Asia trip, I do not know exactly where, but maybe Shanghai or so, maybe this year or next year but it’s still a little secret but you will see it and hear it!

Stunt Scooter Custom Image

Marko: Hey I think that is not bad, that’s a good idea because there are no Scooter Rider and it would be great to build a new community with new scooter riders!
Ralph: Exactly when this trip is about a new community, new to inspire with scootering friends, new scooter riders and other people!

Marko: You want to say something for beginners and for experienced riders in the German-speaking countries?
Ralph: mhhh …. Not willing to relocate, ride scooters just as you want or as you like it and listen to it, not what others say about you. If you think you’re ready for a sponsor, then you should just be yourself and do not look for a sponsor as a good sponsor is looking for you and not vice versa! It will change a lot if you have a sponsor, you have suddenly more duties and responsibilities which have to do you, sometimes goes there almost the fun lost so it’s eigtl. Much better riden without a sponsor, because you are free and unfettered. More information on Stunt Scootering at the RILLA twitter page here.

Ride simply enjoys it, have fun and take your time

Marko: I would like to thank you for the great interview for scooter-kickboard and good conversation with you
Ralph: No problem, my dear love, again and again!