Ten Shocking Facts About World Obesity

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Ten Shocking Facts About World Obesity


Firstly, to define obesity we would describe it as someone who is overweight with a high amount of body fat. This is caused by an imbalance of calories consumed versus calories expended.  In the last three decades world obesity has doubled and is now a pandemic problem which is the plague of the 21st century. In the modern society where cheap and high calorie foods seem to the the stable diet of the western population, the sheer ignorance towards a good diet has been lost.

For the first time in human history, the number of overweight people has overtaken the number of underweight people

Sugar consumption has exploded to levels never seen before in history and many diets contain processed foods. The improved distribution of readily available foods as well as more ‘office workers’ and lazy lifestyles have seen rates rise steadily.  The core issues lies in the fact that many resources are wasted trying to deal with the issues of obesity including spiralling health costs and treatments (Liposuction etc), instead of addressing the root of the problem. Check out this awesome documentary on Fast Food in America:

There are studies that have shown that global obesity isn’t just affecting western culture and the rates are spiralling in developing countries. Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa have rates of obesity that are on the same level as Europe.

Below are ten facts that you might not of known about obesity:

1. A 2008 study from the World Health Organisation found that 1.4 billion adults who were aged 20 and above were overweight

2. Obesity is one of the largest killers and is the fifth leading risk for death

3. Fewer than 27% of Americans are eating the correct balance of meats to vegetables

4.  If you were to take the amount of ‘overweight’ fat that Americans carried around, this would equate to 1,8000,000,000 KG

5. Medical costs in the US and Canada cost around $300 billion a year

6. More people worldwide die from over eating than they do starvation

7. Obesity is the number one worldwide cause of Type 2 diabetes and also the cause of numerous cancers, sleep problems, gout and heart attacks to name a few

8. Since the mid 1970′s, obesity in children has tripled. Studies suggest there are 45 million children around the world are currently overweight!

9. It is no surprise that America is the most overweight country in the world, in 2010, they spent $37 billion dollars on Cola products

10. Women who encourage breast feeding help prevent their child from becoming obese

Further more, we have found this excellent infographic that documents the exact extent of the world’s obesity problem:

What is stopping you from making that change in your life? There are no benefits to being overweight and with the wealth of knowledge we now have from the internet and books, shedding those pounds has never been easier!

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