What is Dry Erase paint?

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What is Dry Erase paint?





About Dry Erase Paint 

There are many dry erase paints and of the best is dry erase paint – Rust-Oleum. This pant is a soft and hard finish which makes a special white erasable-writeable surface. After it is dry, just use whichever dry wipe away markers in order to write or draw messages and after that wipe it away with no trouble! This application is simple and it has smallest smell making it secure to use indoors. Also, it is great for use on interior surfaces such as masonite, drywall, wood, metal, cement. So, it is good for:

  • Great for playrooms, offices, kids rooms and more
  • For indoor use
  • Part A and Part B mix without difficulty and is ready to paint straight away.

And for the best results 

You should apply it to a flat surface and let it to dry three days earlier than applying dry erase markings.

The trusted basis for dry erase solutions is MDC with thousands of installations covering millions of square feet, and we are glad to introduce to you dry erase paint – FUZE. You can convert almost any surface into a center for collaboration and creativity with FUZE high performance, low smell dry erase coating.

FUZE is easy to install, and it is available in clear and white, highly stain and chemical resistant, and backed by the most experienced sales and support teams in the industry. When you want to create spaces that invite imagination, teamwork and participation you should use FUZE. Design commercial durability and flexibility make FUZE the ideal choice for health care, corporate and education spaces, and many more.

  • Regardless of color, clear can be painted over any eggshell shine latex
  • It is isocyanate Free
  • It has low unstable organic complex content of less than hundred grams per liter as mixed
  • Longest pot life in the industry – four hours – for more proficient installation
  • It can be applied by sprayer or roller



This product (FUZE) is a simple to install, low VOC, durable, low smell dry erase surface backed by MDC’s experienced and devoted sales and support teams. This dry erase paint was engineered in order to transform any smooth substrate into a tool for visual teamwork. The product is LEED Compliant and also meets Green Seal low VOC standards for coatings and paints. FUZE provides the longest pot life in the industry, resulting in ease of application and a lower cost of installation. MDC is the Trusted Source for dry erase solutions with thousands of installations covering millions of square feet.

FUZE White and Clear are available in fifty, hundred, and four hundred square foot kits including:

  • Stir stick
  • Roller
  • Instructions

Dry Erase Coating 

Formulated completely for purpose by specialized paint contractors, this dry erase coating is perfect for a broad variety of settings, from conference offices and rooms, classrooms to kids’ bedrooms in the home. It can be applied without problems to interior substrates kitchen message boards and over any paint color.


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